Technological advancements in Concrete Machineries

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Concrete machineries are a paramount technology in the field of construction and infrastructure developments. Earlier when there wasn’t any automatic mixers, all the concrete mixing was done by the labors with their hands that made the work tedious, time consuming and lacked uniformity. With the invention of concrete machineries the work load have been reduced drastically and also the quality is well preserved. Usage of these automatic mixers in high rise buildings and the increased utilization of concrete lead to the growth of alternative mixing methods. With time the need for uniform mixing of concrete in huge quantities were required as large buildings were built. Also the builders and developers looked upon cost reduction methods, it paved way for the development of batching plants. These plants were a far-reaching inclusion to this field as they promoted credible strength and longevity. It weighed, prepared the mixing of ballast, cement, sand and other chemical substances for a firm concrete mixture.

Concrete batching plants were added with computerized weighing scale to ensure precise mixing ratio. These computerized scales fully controls the mixing process which provides increased strength and bonding, uniformity and better service life. With improved technological progressions, the batching plants can be constructed to make ready mix and central mix concrete in large scale. In ready mix, the materials that are to be mixed are loaded in the truck after being mixed in the plant. The truck is then loaded with water which will bind with the materials as the truck transports the material to the site of construction. In central mix, the water and all other materials are added and loaded on the truck, this method does not require mixing during transportation.

The fast paced development even in the remote areas have led to the demand of higher volume of concrete. The poor road services and traffic jams in these isolated areas makes it difficult for the materials to be delivered. The advancement in technology and science has made these machineries available even for the inaccessible areas with the mobile batching plants. These batch plants are available as small mounted batch plants for relatively smaller construction sites. The complete mobile and trailer loaded small units are a boon to the construction industry as they reduce the labor requirement as there is no need for manual mixing. It has reduced the usage of various other equipment which not only reduced the cost of production but also serves to be environment friendly. These plants are proven to consume less fuel compared to its ancestors as they use hydraulic powered working system and have dust removing technology.

As mentioned earlier, the concrete transit mixers are a highly efficient mechanism that were processed to transit the materials to the site of construction. These specially designed trailers are filled with ready mix concrete from the batching plants. As the truck moves the materials to the construction site, they are swirled by the rotating auger to attain the essential uniformity. During loading the auger spins in the opposite direction to discharging. These trucks are to carry the materials of central mix and ready mix.

Wet mix concrete can be obtained from both central and ready mix concrete plants and its high fluid nature improves its aqueous property. Wet mix concrete is suitable for traditional construction where the material must be poured into the molds and the mixture has to flow to the corners. Whereas dry concrete mix is a very low water content material and is fail proof. It has the benefits of solidifying straight away after consolidation. The precept gain of dry mix is its capacity to form immediately. Therefore many mass merchandise inclusive of concrete pipe making and precast systems may be made as the mold is eliminated straight away and is used for subsequent product. The dry mix additionally has much less put on and preservation costs.

The concrete paver’s technology involves continuously forming roads, pavements and other structures using slip forming machines. In this method, the materials are equipped, consolidated and processed as the machine moves. The spares and accessories for the concrete machines are standardized to extraordinary class. Most of these spares and accessories are made easily available and are interchangeable. The best part of buying these spare parts is that they are available online through which you can order it in just a click away from your smartphones. Hence, the maintenance cost can be reduced to a greater extent.